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International Khatm-i-Nabuat Movement (IKNM) Tuesday alleged that police has not been showing keenness in arresting the close aides of fake faith-healer Gulazar Bhat.

“It is surprising that the most of the close aides of Gulzar Bhat are roaming free and those who were arrested have been released without being implicated,” Molvi Mohammad Amin told reporters on the eve of protest held by IKNM at Press Enclave Srinagar.

Scores of people from IKNM held a protest in Srinagar against the imposter Gulzar Bhat and demanded that strict action should be taken against his so-called followers who are hell-bent in bringing a slur on the fair name of our religion.

He said that IKNM would start an agitation against Gulzar Bhat and his followers as they have brought disrepute to our religion. “Can you believe it that in Dangarpora Sopore, his follower Mohammad Ramzan Para on the eve of his son’s wedding while slaughtering an ox, yelled ‘ya Gulzar, ya Gulzar’ instead of reciting the holy name Allah. This is the height of ignorance and we want to know which agency is at his (Gulzar) back that has befriended him with money to bring disrepute to Islam,” Molvi Mohammad Amin told CNS.

The protestors said that police is not following in the case in true spirit and it has started showing leniency towards the culprits. They raised slogans like ‘Gulzar thag ko phansi do’, ‘Gulzar key muredoun say hisab lo’, and dispersed peacefully after registering their protest.


  1. Kill each other and make this another Pakistan. One beautiful country has been devastated by these fake molvis in Pakistan and now they seem to do same here in Kashmir. Most of these so called religious organizations are hugely funded to create chaos in our society.


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