Had Agra Summit Succeeded, Kashmir Issue Would Have Been Resolved: Dr Farooq

KL Report


Addressing a roadshow and public meetings in Ganderbal District along with NC Working President and Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Wednesdayday, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that National Conference was the biggest votary of friendly relations between India and Pakistan and for the resolution of the political issue in J&K.

Speaking at various places in Ganderbal, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that during the Agra Summit, New Delhi and Islamabad had come very close to mutually resolving the Kashmir Issue but hardliner elements in the BJP sabotaged the summit at the crucial moment. Today the same hardliners in BJP are openly advocating the regressive abrogation of Article 370 to harm the interests of J&K.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that had the Agra Summit happened during Mufti Sayeed’s tenure as the Chief Minister, he would have gone to the extent of claiming that it was him who made General Musharaf and Atal Bihari Vajpayee sit across the negotiation table. Mufti Sayeed has claimed the credit for those initiatives that PDP or Mufti had nothing to do with and this trait is a reflection of PDP’s hollow, cosmetic style of politics.

When Mufti Sayeed got an inkling of the Confidence Building Measures being launched by India and Pakistan viz-a-viz the Kashmir issue, he absolved himself of all other political duties and invested his entire time in drum-beating and marketing gimmicks to claim the credit for these initiatives. Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that the people of J&K are not foolish enough to be misguided into thinking that the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad road or the Cross LOC trade are initiatives taken by Mufti Sayeed. If anything Mufti Sayeed has been the biggest roadblock in Indo-Pak peace and the resolution of the Kashmir Issue.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that PDP’s Anantnag Candidate speaks about representing Indian Muslims in the Parliament but did not muster the courage to speak once for her own people to start with when she was a Member of Parliament. Their Srinagar Parliamentary Candidate speaks about ‘change’ forgetting that it was he who was involved in the Forest Land Scam as a Finance Minister as made evident in the Kundal Committee Report. That is the ‘change’ that he brought with him then and wants to bring with him again – a change of corruption, misappropriation and gross misuse of public office. PDP’s Baramulla Candidate speaks about youth and their empowerment. The same candidate as the Advocate General during Governor Jagmohan’s rule suggested the legal ways and means to send Kashmiri youth to jails outside the State. Will the same person now become a representative of youth?, Dr. Farooq Abdullah asked. 


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