SRINAGAR: Government employees aspiring to undertake the holy pilgrimage of Hajj have voiced their anger and disappointment over the prolonged delay in the approval of their leave applications by the authorities.

They said that amidst anticipation and preparation for the pilgrimage, they find themselves entangled in administrative procedures, causing distress and uncertainty.

“The delay in leave approval has disrupted our plans and added undue stress to our already demanding professional lives,” said an employee from the education department.

He added that they submitted their leave application in March and have yet to receive a response.

“My name is on the first list, and my flight is scheduled for 1st May. I have already deposited my advance payment. I recently visited the office of the director of JK Bose but received no response. I requested the authorities to expedite our leave so we can prepare ourselves for Hajj,” he added.

Additionally, many more employees lamented the lack of timely action from the concerned departments, emphasizing the significance of Hajj as a deeply spiritual and transformative experience—(KNO)


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