Halima dies waiting for her disappeared son

KL Report


Halima mother of Syed Basharat Ahmad, who was disappeared in custody 24 years early, died on Wednesday and her last wish to meet her beloved son was buried with her.

Hundreds of people attended Halima’s Nimaz-e-Jinaza.

Halima, wife of late Syed Mohammad Amin, resident of Batamalo, was known as a brave mother as she silently waited for her son who’s custodial disappearance made her and her whole family to suffer to the extent that her lone daughter lost her mental balance.

According to family sources Syed Basharat, the son of Halima, was arrested in Bomai, Sopore on October 1990 along with three fellows. One local Tangawala, Shabir Ahmad and Ghulam Mohi-ul-din, both residents of Batamalo.

They said that all the three were later released except Basharat.

His mother, Halima, 65 wept for him, suffered along with her daughter and traveled from pillar to post but in vain.

Family sources told Kashmir Life that Basharat’s lone sister and mother would talk about Basharat. “Now she had to weep all alone for her gold Medalist brother because her mother also left her today,” the family sources said.


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