Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Wednesday appealed people and the Imaam’s across the valley to hold special prayers during Taraweeh prayers and Friday sermons respectively for the well-being and release of all the Kashmiri prisoners including party chairperson, Asiya Andrabi and her personal secretary, Sofi Fehmeeda.

DeM secretary general Nahida Nasreen

In a statement, DeM secretary general, Nahida Nasreen, said that as per the close family members of Mrs Andrabi, the health condition of both Andrabi and Sofi Fehmeeda is deteriorating fast in the Jammu jail. “The Jammu heat is unbearable for a common Kashmiri. The temperature is above 40 degree Celsius and there is a lot of humidity. A normal Kashmiri cannot bear this heat and it is very difficult for Mrs Andrabi and Fehmeeda, who are not well, to bear it,” she said.

Nasreen said that the humidity has aggravated the chest problem of Asiya Andrabi while as Sofi Fehmeeda is suffering from severe back problem. “In absence of proper medical care and proper food necessary during the month of Ramadhan, the health of both Asiya and Fehmeeda is deteriorating very rapidly,” she said.

Nasreen said that it was a conspiracy of murder that the Indian “stooges” shifted Asiya Andrabi to Jammu jail when her health condition was critical. “Doctors had advised her life support and she had to be admitted to hospital but these inhuman authorities shifted her to a Jammu jail. It was a conspiracy to kill her in custody,” she added.

Nasreen said that people must remember Andrabi, Fehmeeda and all the Kashmiri prisoners and should hold special prayers for them during the pious month. “People are appealed to make special Dua during Tarawih prayers for Baaji Sahiba, Sofi Fehmeeda and all the Kashmiri prisoners who have been jailed illegally in JK and across India. Similarly, Imaams of are appealed to hold special prayers for the well-being and release of all Kashmiri prisoners including Asiya Andrabi and Sofi Fehmeeda,” she concluded.


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