Hillock came crushing down in Srinagar, hit three houses

Srinagar: It was a mayhem in old Gagribal area of Dalgate when a hillock from Zabarwan hills came crushing down and hit three houses, just a stone’s throw from the Welcome Hotel and Taxi Stand.

Reports reaching Kashmir Life newsroom reveal that a hillock came down on three houses at around 11:30 pm. The inhabitants survived miraculously, some with mild  injuries and afterwards entire area in on run to safer place. Nobody is in a position to get closer to the hill fearing the lose stones may roll down.

Locals said it seemed as if hundreds of trucks were unloading their load. “It sounded as if it was an earthquake,” Muhammad Shoaib told Kashmir Life. “the reality dawned only after their was hue and cry from a spot much closer to the hillock.”

The crushing down of mountain is due to incessant rainfall from many days.

Residents said that it was not soil but massive boulders that rolled down. One house was completely destroyed by a massive boulder. The inmates of the house had slept and were shocked but somehow they managed to escape. Two other houses were hit by a rain of stones, they said.

The entire Zabarwan range is facing massive deforestation as fires are quite frequent during autumn and winters. Besides, it is witnessing massive biotic interventions as lot of developmental activities, both private and by the government, are taking place on the foothills.

Pertinently the threat of floods is looming large over the valley.


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