HM Ridicules Police For Linking It To Cocaine Trade

KL Report


Militant outfit Hizbul Mujhadeen Monday condemned the action of Jammu and Kashmir police for linking this outfit with cocaine trade.

In a statement to CNS, Hizbul Mujhadeen spokesperson Salim Hashmi has said that recently a police official tried to link HM with cocaine trade and the outfit condemn the ‘false’ claims made by the said police official.

“Neither any person by name of Shahzad is affiliated with our outfit nor HM has anything to do with Faizian Traders. Police claims are baseless as we do believe that recent activities of the HM has made the non-State officials and Indian Intelligence Agencies which command Jammu and Kashmir Police restless and have given them sleepless nights,” the statement reads.

“The struggle of our outfit is based on Quran and Sunnah and we consider the drug trafficking as un-Islamic. Misleading statements and negative propagation against the outfit could not stop us from taking our struggle to its logical conclusion,” the statement reads.

Meanwhile in a separate statement to CNS, Hizbul Mujahdeen has warned those elements who on the name of outfit are collecting money from the people. “Some people are using letter pads of HM and are seeking funds which is disgusting and condemnable. HM has its own financial system and we appeal people to be careful about these elements,” statement reads.


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