How Artificial Intelligence Is Unlocking New World of Possibilities?


by Raashid Andrabi

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With AI websites, tasks can be automated quickly and accurately, allowing businesses to be more productive and efficient.

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The introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way we live, work and play. AI applications have made mundane tasks easier and give us access to more creative tools. From enhancing videos to composing music, AI websites are making waves across the internet and providing us with amazing opportunities to amplify our creativity quickly.

AI applications allow us to do more in less time, giving us the freedom to explore our creative sides in new and exciting ways. For example, we can create stunning videos with a few clicks of a button, compose beautiful music with a few simple commands and access powerful editing tools that can make our work look professional and impressive.

AI websites can also be used to help businesses automate mundane administrative tasks, such as analysing customer data, generating reports, and managing employee schedules. These websites are also providing helpful resources for businesses to stay competitive in a rapidly changing digital world. With AI websites, businesses no longer have to hire expensive consultants to analyse data and create custom solutions. Instead, they can use AI websites to get tailored insights and advice

Below are five AI apps to make your everyday life easier: One of the most widely used AI technologies today is ChatGPT. It is an AI-assisted technology that makes it easier and more efficient for users to create content. Using, users can access the world’s most powerful Chabot right from their Android or soon-to-be in iOS smartphones. With the website’s easy-to-use interface, even the most novices of writers can quickly create essays, poetry, emails, code, and more.

Along with being faster and easier to use than ever before, ChatGPT also allows users to speak with other users on WhatsApp while using Chabot. This makes the conversations more natural and the overall user experience more enjoyable. Furthermore, the service is affordable, making it an attractive option for those looking to speed up their writing process.

D-id: is a revolutionary website that uses the latest generative AI algorithms to create photorealistic animations out of any photo. This cutting-edge technology has been used by leading companies in the fields of marketing, learning and development, and customer experience. It has also been used by content creators of all kinds to create over 110 million videos. Not only is the platform fast and cost-effective, but it also makes video production a breeze. This has been proven by some of the leading brands in the world, such as Warner Brothers Pictures, Publicis, Mondelez, Skilldora, and My Heritage, who have used the platform to create remarkable experiences. With its cutting-edge technology, top-notch features, and unbeatable cost-efficiency, is the perfect platform for anyone looking to create amazing visuals with ease. Chatbots have revolutionized how businesses interact with their customers. Instead of having a direct conversation with a representative, these software tools enable businesses to have an automated dialogue with their customers through text or speech. Developing a Chabot requires knowledge of technology, but with the help of, users can create and deploy their own chatbots.

With, users can deploy their chatbots into their own applications, channels, and various other platforms. Through their website, users can automate their chatbots on WhatsApp, or use the platform’s API and SDK interface. With this, businesses can automate customer service and other customer-facing tasks, and reduce the human effort and time spent in customer interaction. This helps businesses reduce their long-term cost and improve customer experience.  Additionally, by using AI and machine learning, chatbots are able to remember customer questions and data, and use it to provide personalized support. If it can write, speak and comprehend, it can also make music. Soundful is an AI-powered, royalty-free music generation platform that makes creating high-quality tracks a breeze. The website is built for producers, creators, and brands and provides users with a diverse range of music samples and customizable inputs.

With Soundful, users can quickly and easily generate their own unique tracks in a matter of steps. The platform also offers free, premium, and enterprise plans that offer users a variety of features at different price points. Soundful has truly revolutionized the music industry by allowing anyone to create professional-grade, customizable tracks with ease. Simply choose a genre, customize your inputs and create your tracks. Repeat until you find the track that is right for you. It’s that easy.

Talk to Books: Talk to Books is an incredible tool from Google that allows you to search through over 100,000 books to find relevant answers to your query. It’s an AI experiment to teach its AI how real conversations flow and how to respond to natural language inquiries. Talk to Books not only helps you discover exciting perspectives and books to read, but it also provides samples you can click on to help you comprehend the conversation better. This is an incredible tool that can provide you with interesting and valuable insights.

Overall, AI websites are becoming increasingly popular and are making life easier for individuals and businesses. With AI websites, tasks can be automated quickly and accurately, allowing businesses to be more productive and efficient. Moreover, AI websites are extremely user-friendly and offer a great deal of customization, allowing us to customize every aspect of our work. We can choose from a variety of themes, fonts and colours to make our work.

(Author is a Srinagar-based reporter. Ideas are personal)


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