How Can You Take On General When You Failed To Act Against Your Own Minister: Rashid Asks Govt

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Hitting right, left, centre President AIP and MLA Langete, Er Rashid Monday castigated the government for not taking any action against a particular Minister whose name figured in contentious Defense Report for receiving money from Army. “No one in the House is Honourable but the agents of Intelligence Bureau. There is no professionalism in Army and killings are taking place unabated,” he said in Legislative Assembly.

While speaking on obituary reference, Rashid alleged that Government is shielding the ‘stooges’ exposed by former Indian Army Chief. Rashid hit back at National Conference member Mir Saifullah when the later said that his party has always brought a previlge motion against V.K.Singh, saying that, “you failed to take action against your own Minister and how come is it possible for you to initiate action against former Indian Army Chief,” he said and told the ruling party members that you can’t take on General V.K.Singh.

Rashid said that this House used to call him an agent of different agencies but, “it has become clear now that all are agents of IB here.

Rashid was interrupted by Peoples Democratic Party MLA, Nizam-u-Din Bhat seeking apology from him for terming every member of the House as IB agents. “You have no right to call us IB agents. We are not amoung them,” Bhat retorted.

“It is irony and astonishing that that a Hurriyat leader Khan Sopori’s house built on 5 Marla’s of land was sealed on the allegation that he received Hawala money, his house is built on only on five Marla’s of land in Chanepora but a minister who received 1.19 crores according to VK Singh, is still in the cabinet,” Rashid said.

He said after the killing of two innocent youth at Markundal, even Chief Minister said that people have right to protest, “but, when youth registered their protest they were detained and Public Safety Act was slapped on them,” he said.

He said that Gagrin Camp is still existing in Shopian while present Deputy Commissioner Kishtwar who was recently arrested still occupies the prime posting. “What a government this is. Misgovernance in State is taking toll on people. There is no Rule of Law and guilty are being spared and promoted,” Rashid said.

He asked MLAs that if they are so sure that people of state have rejected the separatist ideology and JK is India’s ‘Atoot Ang’ then let you persuade New Delhi to hold a plebiscite and Kashmiris will authenticate the instrument of accession, but all of us sitting here know better than anybody that India has not been able to win hearts and minds of the people here.

Er Rashid reminded the house that it didn’t had a moral right to condole any body’s death at the floor of the house as credibility of the institution stands badly eroded and exposed. “How can you justify your venom and anger over Gen. VK Singh’s revelations even if they are wrong? Without investigating the issue you should not cry innocence.


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