Don’t include my obituary reference after my demise: Naeem Akhtar to LC

KL Report


The PDP spokesman and MLC, Naeem Akhtar registered his will in the Legislative Council on Monday that no obituary reference should be observed in the house after his demise.

Akhtar was speaking in obituary reference of ex-member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), Dhuram Chander Prashant and ex-MLC, Daya Krishan Kotwal in legislative council.

“If this house remains closed to entertain discussions on the lost of civilian lives in state, then I am registering my will that after my demise, no obituary reference should be entertain in the house after my demise,” Akhtar said in the Council.

Earlier when one of the MLCs also mentioned the lives of civilians lost in the state in obituary reference, Amrit Malhotra, chairman MLC directed the member to stick to the proposed reference. This made Akhtar to speak against the move.

“This house cannot be indifferent to the lives of common people,” he said.


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