Human-shield: ‘Rather than pressing for prosecution, Mehbooba’s silence indicates abject surrender’


National Conference on Monday expressed disappointment over the “clean-chit” provided by the Army to its Officer responsible for resorting to the use of a human-shield in Budgam District in April.

It said the verdict of the military investigation goes against not only the Military Code and the very premise of the Geneva Convention but also violates the fundamental rights provided by the Constitution of India to all its citizens.

In a statement issued from Party Headquarters in Srinagar, National Conference State Spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu said it was tragic that the Army rather than initiating swift and strict disciplinary action against the erring Major has ended up commending him and condoning his act of tying a civilian, Farooq Ahmed Dar to an Army Jeep.

“Farooq Ahmed Dar was tied to the bonnet of an Army Jeep and paraded through around twenty four villages. The Army had irrefutable video evidence that this civilian was used as a human-shield and robbed of his right to dignity, due process of law and his freedom. This was a moment for the State to take a moral stand and unequivocally condemn this incident and initiate proceedings against the concerned officer. Unfortunately the reverse has happened as an institution of the State has proactively sought justification to justify an absolutely unjustifiable act”, the NC Spokesperson said.


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