Hurriayat (M) Propogates Hypocrisy, Not Hussainiat: Malik

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In first of its kind incident, the differences among the separatist leadership of Kashmir took ugly turn when JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik lashed out at Hurriyat Conference led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and accused them of resorting to hypocrisy by propagating Hussainiat under the patronage of tyrants and oppressors.

JKLF Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik outside Kashmir University after being denied chance to speak
JKLF Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik outside Kashmir University after being denied chance to speak

“Nobody can silence or stop us from speaking on our resistance movement. This was stated by Malik in a press statement issued in regards with the anniversary of Imam Khumainee (RAH).

Deliberating on the program organized by Anjuman Shar I Shian in this connection for which chairman JKLF was also invited; Malik said that some days before Anjuman Shar I Shian through its member Ghulam Mohammad Nagoo send an invitation card to him. “After seeing the name of Kashmir University in the invitation card I enquired from Nagoo whether I will be allowed to speak on resistance and movement. Nagoo relied in affirmative. But today when I reached Kashmir University along with my colleagues, Nagoo came to JKLF leader Showkat Ahmad Bakhshi and asked him to convince me not to talk about movement during my speech as university authorities had asked them so. Nagoo requested that it was important as university may deny permission to them next year.”

Raising finger of suspicion, Mailk said that only he was denied chance to speak while representative of  Jamat I Islami, Muslim conference chairman Prof Abdul Gani Bhat, Syed Hassan Budgami, Moulana Abbas Ansari, representative of Mufti Bashir Ud Din, Moulana Showkat Keng, Salim Geelani,and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq addressed the gathering .

Malik accused that the decision to keep him away from dice was that of “Mirwaiz and others to please the rulers and authorities of university.”

“It is ironical that APHC (M) did this during a program to remember Imam Khomeni (RAH), who taught us to fight against tyranny, oppression and falsehood. Today these so called resistance leaders have forgotten the fact that imam Khomeni (RAH) was the person whose influence and revolution touched the soul of Kashmiris and even on the streets of Kashmir people chanted slogans like” Iran say Khabar Aayee Shia Sunni Bayee Bayee,” said Malik.

“It was during imam’s time that Indian foreign minister arrived at Tehran airport ,was not allowed to land in Iran citing the human rights abuses in Kashmir. And today people who organized a meeting in his remembrance stood with the tyrants and oppressors and have proved that they while preaching Hussainiat are actually with oppressors and oppression,” Malik added.

Castigating Hurriyat (M), Malik said that the forum claims to represent people and resistance and a bitter truth is that these people have achieved big houses, expensive vehicles and other benefits in this name but are shying away to even speak on it.

“This forum is simultaneously trying to run movement and safeguard Indian Interests on the same time. These people in the garb of resistance accumulate money and build shopping malls and get those inaugurated by Indian politician and rulers. How can people like these claim to be true Hussaini and followers of Imam Khomeni,” he said.

“Until now we were maintaining silence on these issues in the larger interests of the resistance movement but today we have been compelled to come out in public by these people,” he added.

Talking about the Shia Sunni unity, Malik said JKLF as a “national party of Kashmir “ has every time propagated and safeguarded the unity among the two communities.

“People of Jammu Kashmir know fully that JKLF has many a times even jumped into fire and safeguarded the Shia Sunni unity. We will till the Day of Judgment do the same as we have faith that everyone who recites Kalmia is Muslim and his or her honor, life and property is sacred and safeguarding it is a duty of every other Muslim,” he said.

Addressing the university authorities, Malik said that they must bear in mind that JKLF represents the sentiments and sacrifices of Kashmiri Nation and it is not possible for anyone to stop him from speaking on the issue of Azadi.

Malik said that he has addressed students and authorities of Jawahar Lal University, Delhi University, Saint Steffen University, Mumbai University besides many universities in Pakistan, USA and UK, “But today Kashmir university has been declared a no go area for resistance leaders and this university, it’s vice chancellor and many others act as humble congress workers and only facilitate meetings of Uraaj Rahul Ghandi’s meeting in Kashmir university.”  Malik said that Kashmiri cannot remain mere spectators over this and are ready to face this challenge of oppressors too.


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