By Imtiyaz Ahmad

Pro-freedom camp has already started its poll boycott campaign ahead of 2014 assembly polls.

Afraad Ke Hathu Mai Hai Aqwam Ki Taqdeer

Har Farad Hai Ummat Ki Muqadar Ka Sitara ~ Allama Iqbal

This legacy of Iqbal is alive in our youth, as always. Be it, any means towards the upliftment of our valley, youth always take a lead. Coming towards yesterday’s protest in downtown Srinagar, youth took to streets against the failed strategies of Hurriyat’s one day strike. One must not be surprised over this hotbed issue, as it is not today, but the volcano of anger of youth against Hurriyat, boiling from years and found its epicentre in downtown lately.

Although the common people will be confused over this very issue, but Hurriyat won’t be. They already know it: anytime something like this can happen. As these youth, a hundred times till now, had knocked the doors of these amalgams, discussing the very shortcoming, new strategies, amendments in the setup. But at the end of every talk, the youth used to hear, “You are young. Let you cross this age. You can’t understand anything at this stage of life.”

It is surprised and even not understandable that how come the youth in the age group of 30 around are so young to understand anything, as it is wisely said, “Neither children nor the old, but it is the young one, who brings the revolution.” But here in our valley, the setup takes U-turn when the oldies say to young, “you can’t understand anything.”

From years, the youth while using every means – be it face to face talk, social media, print media or anything else – to address the amalgams to change their setup and strategies, these leaders would shrug them off, as if they were/are nonentity.

It is not only about the failed strategies but also towards the vision. Actually our valley is facing a visionary leadership problem. On every incident, one faction calls for particular area bandh. Another calls for peaceful protest. Other calls for candle light march. Some call for sit in, and what not.

May I ask: what kind of mindset is this? The so-called heirs (pardon, if the word sounds bitter to anyone!) have messed up the struggle to let ply their own shops.

The story doesn’t end here. But goes on. As one of the Hurriyat leaders before joining amalgam wrote book against Mirwaiz and in another book talked about conspiracy theory that MUF was created by Mufti Syed for his “lust of power”.

One of the Hurriyat leaders gave KPS Gill Award via his NGO while giving a deaf heed towards the harsh reality that the same Gill is accused of killing innocent Kashmiris like anything. Hundreds of brethren are languishing in jails and no one among these scores of leaders gives a damn.

If any of these leaders want to see their position on ground level, I advise them to visit some martyrs’ mother or sister, particularly from 2008-10 agitation.

Since long now, these leaders are following this futile and failed strategy of one day strike for a martyr. They never look beyond it. For them, the value of young blood is just a statement besides one day strike call. Their vision has been affected by sight problem, which never lets them to cross this strike boundary.

And if someone tries to correct them, he is simply being labelled either as “Indian agent” or any “pro-Indian political party agent”.

I am sure, in coming days, a statement will be flashed over the recent downtown protests, labelling the young protesters as “undercover political party agents” who want to “confuse” common masses by trying to “malign” Hurriyat image.

I believe if Hurriyat won’t alter their adopted strategy, a seemingly storm will sweep their leadership in such a way that even history can’t mark their impressions.

(Views expressed in this article are author’s own. The author is an M. Pharma student.)

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