As strike call on October 27 evoked a mixed response in Valley, Chairperson Dukhtaran-e Milat, Syeda Aasiya Andrabi lashed out at Separatist leadership and said that it failed to deliver goods. She, however said that people are also not innocent and they too are equally responsible for bringing a disrepute to sacred ongoing freedom movement in Kashmir.

Aasiya Andrabi told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS that Hurriyat Conference is a flop show and separatist leaders themselves don’t know what they are doing and in which direction they are going.

“Earlier, people used to observe October 27, the day when Indian occupational Forces entered into Valley as black day without waiting for call from separatist leaders but what we witnessed today offended our sentiments,” she said adding if we blame Hurriyat leadership for all this mess but at the same time we should not give certificate of innocence to the people of Kashmir.

Coming down heavily on Hurriyat leadership, Aasiya Andrabi said that these leaders fail to deliver goods. “Leaders are more, people are less. There are leaders everywhere. These leaders failed to respect the emotions and sentiments of common people who laid sacrifices for Kashmir Freedom Movement. I blame people as well because it is they who follow these leaders blindly. We need a spiritual leader who could show us right path and who could persuade us to follow the tenants of Islam,” she said.

She told CNS that there is chaos and confusion in Hurriyat leadership. “These Hurriyat leaders should ponder over the fact why confidence amoung people have shaken and why people don’t observe civil curfew on their calls. It is a confused leadership and there is a dire need of a leader who could bring freedom lovers under one platform,” she said.

Aasiya Andrabi criticized people for possessing malleable character. “Those people who did not observe civil curfew today forgot the sacrifices laid by their brethren for sake of freedom movement. These people followed Shaiekh Muhammad Abdullah blindly who stabbed in their back. Allah will not hold only a leader responsible for his crimes but He would take his followers to task as well and would ask them why they followed him blindly,” she said.

While replying to a question, Aasiya Andrabi told CNS that, “this Forum and Constituent politics is not going to lead us anywhere. Geelani Sahab is the leader of Hurriyat (G) which has many constituents. Same is the case with others. We should come out from this Forum and Constituent politics and show a united face. There is a need that all these leaders should introspect and at the same time, people should not forget the sacrifices of those Kashmiri men, women and children who laid their precious lives to free themselves from the Indian occupation.


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