Hurriyat (G) condemns violence against Kashmiri students outside state

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Strongly condemning the increased incidents of violence and hate against Kashmiri students in educational institutions outside the state, Hurriyat conference (G) said that fascist forces patronized and encouraged by ruling class has made the life of these students miserable.

“They are being forced to pay the price for being Muslims and Kashmir’s as hate wave generated by jingoistic forces, especially media has engulfed almost whole of India and the grip is tightening with each passing day,” said the spokesman of the party

Hurriyat said that recent episode of these hate mongers has culminated in the physical torture of students in Dehradun and such shameless incidents are a farce reply to those deceitful rhetoric of India being the safest place for Muslims. Hurriyat said that despite our whole valley being tortured to death and bathed in blood, this place is safe for everybody particularly those belonging to this fascist mindset.

Hurriyat said that “these inhuman and unethical incidents  mettle our demand and resolve further, that our life, livelihood, chastity & honour, resources and property– nothing is safe and secure in India and sooner we get rid of this unjust and forced knot, better it is for our coming generations.”


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