Hurriyat (g) Criticises Police for Failing to Arrest Bandipora’s Ikhwani Leader



All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Wednesday expressed its deep sorrow and surprise that despite the court orders the police are not arresting the former government gunman and Ikhwani Rashid  Billa while as to its contrary they are harassing and detaining the Tehreek-e-Hurriyat (TeH) district officials and the common youth for “no crime of theirs and are fabricating false and baseless cases against them”.

Hurriyat Conference (g) strongly condemned the continuous police raids on the residence of TeH District President Bandipora Rayees Ahmad Mir, continuous detention of Ishfaq Ahmad Dar Sadarkote and Mohammad Ashraf Mir Hajan and said that the “Bandipora police on the directions of the local pro-Indian politicians are harassing and prosecuting our workers and activists and are not allowing them to perform the political activities”.

Hurriyat (g) Spokesperson, in a Hurriyat amalgam statement said, “a case against the notorious Ikhwani Rasheed Billa and his other associates who are involved in the brutal killings of dozens of innocent civilians is under trial in the Jammu & Kashmir High Court in which the said court has issued an order to the SP police concerned to immediately arrest the accused persons but the police has failed to implement the court orders so far and the murders are roaming free.”

“The Bandipora police instead of arresting the notorious criminals are following and harassing the respectable and peace loving activists of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat and the common youths and they every time remain busy in finding the ways and reasons that how to implicate the pro-freedom people in the false and baseless cases. Rayees Ahmad Mir is the Bandipora district president of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat and after the month long illegal detention, he was recently released at the time when he was in an ailing condition in the police lockup. His family admitted him in the Srinagar hospital and he has not fully recovered yet but the police has once again started raiding his residence and is harassing his family.”

The Hurriyat statement further added, “the Ishfaq Ahmad Dar has also been arrested about 45 days ago and since then he is also under the illegal detention of the Bandipora police without any case or charges. Mohammad Ashraf Mir has also been detained for no crime and they are not being released.” “Hurriyat Conference (g) strongly condemns this attitude of the Bandipora police towards the pro-freedom people and is demanding the immediate arrest of the Ikhwani killers.”


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