Hurriyat (g) Sec Gen seeks Return of Kashmiri Pandits, says, ‘Colonies a Conspiracy’

Hurriyat Conference (g) Secretary General, Shabir Shah, interacting with KPs in Jammu on December 05. (KL Image: DFP)
Hurriyat Conference (g) Secretary General, Shabir Shah, interacting with KPs in Jammu on December 05. (KL Image: DFP)



All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Secretary General and chairperson of Democratic Freedom Party, Shabir Shah Saturday sought return of Kashmiri Pandits. Shah is on a visit to winter capital, Jammu.

“India is bent to sow the seeds of discord among various communities in Jammu and Kashmir and I wish the Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims foil such designs and uphold the communal harmony and brotherhood,” Shah said while interacting with the Kashmiri Pandit delegation, his party statement said this afternoon.

Shah asked them to return valley saying, “we have been living together since centuries. We are the guardians of the minorities and to secure and safeguard their lives, honour and properties is our obligation. It is Indian authorities who are exploiting the cause of Pandits to secure their own vested interests and as such are trying to create communal disharmony among the communities.”

The statement said that Shah “made it clear” that Pandits must return to their native dwellings and “there is no need” for separate colonies for them. “We will welcome our Pandit brethren but the separate clusters for them are unacceptable as that would harm the mutual harmony.”

“We are continuing our struggle for Right to Self Determination and during the referendum process, every community will be free to express its opinion as we are not in favour of thrusting ideas or opinions on anyone,” he said.

The statement added that Shah urged the Pandits to “foil all the conspiracies of communal elements who want to create disunity among communities”.


  1. Much water has flown down river Vetesta in Kashmir! Kashmir used to be a place where the majority took care of the minority the conditions have changed now! A place where more than a thousand cows are slaughtered on a single day to protest against an existing law, cannot be safe for a Hindu minority! U’ve made Kashmir a Muslim dominated society, we r good at our present places wherever we r. We cannot put our lives on stake after learning a bitter lesson!


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