Hurriyat (M) Leader Rejects US Intervention On Kashmir, Ready To Hold Meaningful Dialogue With Delhi

KL Report


While rejecting the option of United States (US) intervention in the resolution of Kashmir, Senior Huriyat Conference (M) leader Atihad-ul Muslimeen former chairman Moulana Abbas Ansari said that if the Huriyat Leadership gets invitation for the ‘meaningful’ talks from New Dehli, it will accept the offer.

Talking to Kashmir News Service(KNS), Ansari who earlier was the Huriyat Chairman when the amalgam met NDA in early 2004, said that the US intervention on Kashmir issue cannot be accepted as it is only US that is responsible for the instability of south Asia at present.”They want to have the trade, they have the corporate mindset and whatever troubled times we are witnessing at present, US is its reason.”

Stating that the talks with New Delhi will only be held in ‘objective’ attitude and that the letter must should come from Delhi so that the decision about it could be evolved at the earliest; Ansari said that Delhi must invite us on the pattern that was adopted by L.K Advani and Atal Bihari Vajpayee during early 2004. “We want Delhi to invite us with sincerity and the dialogue must be purposeful and result oriented .”

We want Delhi to elucidate want it want during the dialogue with us and that the Kashmir issue must be the centre of the discussion. “We don’t want the invitations for tea and snacks, we want Delhi to come out with the straight forward attitude so that Kashmir issue could be resolved with the consent of all the parties.”


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