Hurriyat (m) Smells Rat in GoI’s Plan to Construct Homes for Non-Locals



Reacting to the Government of India’s plan of settling non-local homeless people in various districts across Jammu and Kashmir under its National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM), an All Parties Hurriyat Conference (m) spokesperson Saturday said time and again GoI was “trying its best to convert the Muslim-majority community in Jammu Kashmir into a minority community with one decision or the other”.

Questioning the decision of setting up accommodations for non-state homeless people inside Jammu Kashmir, the APHC-m spokesperson said this was casting a shadow on the entire process of rehabilitation of the homeless.

Stressing that this plan seems to have been taken “with a design” to settle non-locals in the state, the spokesperson said, “this was done with no other reason but to change the Muslim-majority status of Jammu Kashmir.” “The need was to understand the real motive behind such things as in the recent past efforts was made to settle Kashmiri Pandits in satellite colonies and rehabilitate non-locals discreetly.”

“As Kashmiris protested these move, now new plans were being framed for implemented these designs,” the spokesperson said. “Government’s move to provide shelters to non- locals was fictitious as poor people do not stay on roads pavements or under bridges in Kashmir.”

The APHC-m spokesperson further said, “there was no need to set up shelters for Kashmiris although people belonging to Kashmir keep on coming and going to different Indian states for different trades and businesses.”


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