Hurriyat (M) terms Jaitley’s statement contrary to political, historical facts

KL Report


Terming the statement of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley as strange and contrary to political and historical facts attached with the Kashmir dispute, Hurriyat Conference (M) Thursday said that there was no relation between the Kashmir dispute and the “so called electoral process being conducted in the world’s most militarized zone.”

In a statement to KNS a Hurriyat (M) spokesman said, “Staged elections in Kashmir held for local administrative issues, been conducted in Kashmir since many decades, have no bearing on the Kashmir dispute, neither could they in any way dilute it, or render the UN resolutions regarding the dispute ineffective.”

He made it clear that efforts on the part of Indian authorities, “based on perpetuating and promoting a hegemonistic and authoritarian viewpoint, both for domestic and international consumption was neither acceptable to Kashmiris then, when the poll percentage was actually zero but shown as hundred percent by them, and when handpicked candidates were imposed on Kashmiris, nor would it be acceptable now.”

“The pending UN resolutions on Kashmir make it clear that it was a disputed territory. Those people who think sham elections could prevail upon the disputed status of Kashmir are grossly mistaken. Such people are living in a fools paradise if they believe that Kashmiris have given up the right to self determination by casting votes to resolve their local administrative issues,” the spokesman added.

The conglomerate said that while the Indian state claimed that in 1987, 75 percent polling was registered and in 2008 they it was 65 percent, “history is witness to the fact that the revolution in Kashmir took place right in the aftermath of 1987 elections, and the public uprising of 2008, 2009, and 2010 right after the elections of 2008.”

The Hurriyat (M) reiterated its stand that the “Kashmir dispute can only be addressed either by the implementation of the UN resolutions or through dialogue between the three parties, People of Jammu and Kashmir, India and Pakistan.”

Appealing people to observe complete strike on December 8 on the visit of prime Minister Narendra Modi to Kashmir, Hurriyat (M) said, “It should send a clear message to Indian leadership that Kashmiris have never accepted the dominance and hegemony of Indian union and they would decided their political future only through right to self determination.”


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