ICP Invites Candidates For CSE-2022 Interview Guidance Programme

SRINAGAR: Initiative for Competition Promotion (ICP) is conducting an “Interview Guidance Programme” for the candidates who have qualified for the Personality Test/Interview for CSE-2022 (KAS-2022) to be conducted by Jammu and Kashmir Public Services Commission.

The Interview Guidance panel will comprise of competent and expert members, reputed subject matter experts and psychological experts to assess the personal suitability of the candidates for the service.

The programme will help the candidates to improve their mental calibre, encompassing intellectual capabilities, social traits and interest in current affairs. It will be to help the candidates to improve on their mental alertness, critical powers of assimilation, clear and logical exposition, balance of judgement, variety and depth of interests, social cohesion abilities, leadership and intellectual and moral integrity.

The complete programme will be conducted in various sessions to ensure the best possible preparation in all aspects of the examination. The sessions will be followed by 1-2 mock interviews of the candidates to understand their weakness and work on it before the actual interview.

Candidates who are interested may send their details on WhatsApp- 9797821434 for registration.


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