If GST not implemented, state will split: PDP’s Baramulla lawmaker


Javed Beigh while speaking in the assembly

PDP legislator Javed Beigh said that if consensus is not reached on the GST issue, the state is heading towards a split.

Regarding yesterday’s accusations hurled by the members of the house on each other, Beigh also pointed out that when members talk about India, they should maintain respect. “If you make GST Jammu versus Srinagar versus Ladkah, then we are heading towards a split,” Beigh said.

He maintained that Article 370 cannot be eroded in any way as Supreme Court has cleared that it can never happen. “Article 370 cannot be eroded. I don’t say that but the Supreme Court of the country does,” Beigh said.

He added, “The special status of the state will be prevented. That is in the Agenda of Alliance also.”

As soon as he said this, independent lawmaker Engineer Rashid interrupted and said, “Tell that to the BJP members.” However, Beigh continued and said, “ This act (GST) should be implemented in a way which doesn’t dent the special status of the state.”

Speaking about Tuseday’s verbal duels and accusations hurled by members towards each other, Beigh said that when people talk about India and the country’s parliament, it should be done with respect.

“Members should also talk with respect when they talk about India. When the British decided to take the issue of the Indian Freedom to their parliament, they decided to keep their personal views away from discussions,” he said.

He stressed, “Those who abuse the Indian parliament, Prime Minister are not the well-wishers of Kashmir.”

He also mentioned that former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has once said that whatever we will get, it will come from the Government of India, Indian Parliament and the cabinet.



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