Assembly: Maharaja was a despotic ruler, Rasheed; Lal Singh calls him a ‘Bloody Nonsense’

Rasheed being marshaled out in this file image.
Forest minister Lal Singh on Wendesday called incumbent Langate lawmaker Er Rasheed a ‘bloody nonsense’.
While speaking on GST, BJP’s Sat Sharma hailed Mahraja Hari Singh. “Maharaja did a great service to keep the state united with the union government.”
This infuriated Rasheed who said that Maharaja  was an ‘autocrat’.
“Hari singh was a traitor, a despotic ruler,” Rasheed interrupted.
He said that either Shiekh Mohammad Abdullah was a Hero of the people of Jammu and Kashmir or Hari Singh. “There cannot be two Heroes.”
Forest Minister Lal Singh interrupted and asked Speaker to expunge the remarks of Rasheed and called him ‘Bloody Nonsense.’ Singh also demanded that Rasheed be marshalled out from the house.


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