While over 100k turn up for militant’s funeral, it is just 2k for a politician: NC’s Sagar



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Ali Mohammad Sagar while speaking in the assembly.

National conference senior leader and lawmaker from Khanyar constituency of Srinagar city, Wednesday while participating in the discussion on GST regime said that extending the GST law to state of Jammu and Kashmir will erode the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

Sagar said that Finance Minister Dr Haseeb Drabu has several times talked about the safeguards but he  never clarified what safeguards are there for the state.

He said that New Delhi has never fulfilled the promises made to the people of Jammu and Kashmir and that there is complete loss of trust among the people.

Sagar said that when National Conference brought the resolution of Autonomy in 1996 during Dr Farooq’s rule, it had consent of 75 members of the assembly, however, New Delhi put that resolution in dustbin.

He said there have been many such instances when New Delhi promised sky to the people of Kashmir but later never fulfilled the promise. “What guarantees do you have that New Delhi will later give safeguards to the people of Kashmir,” Sagar questioned Dr Drabu?

The Secretary General of NC said that he is not opposing Drabu when “I say  GST should not be extended here.”

But, government should understand that the state of Jammu and Kashmir has become part of Indian union under a special provision. He said, “We do not talk about law, we talk about background.”

Sagar questioned as to why today, people across the political divide were opposing the GST regime.

“Why are traders on strike, why is Hurriyat opposing it, why are we debating it,” Sagar questioned?

Sagar said that it is not about law, but it is about the hearts and minds of the people. “It is about the betrayals.”

“People of the state have positive expectations from us. We have to think if we represent their aspirations. We make Hangama in the house. They read and they judge,” He said, adding, “Let us all contribute something positive for the people.”

“Today people do not trust us,” Sagar said. “We go out and make photo sessions, and inaugurations to give a feel that everything is fine. But that is not the reality.”

He said that CM Mehbooba Mufti talks about ‘Goli se nahi, boli se’. However, everything is happening in Kashmir with Goli (Goli se hi sara chalta hai.)

The districts and places that were earlier peaceful are not the same anymore. Ask Javed Mustafa Mir (Chadoora MLA) what is the situation in his area? Chadoora was once the most peaceful constituency of Kashmir, Sagar said.

He said that 250 students of Islamic University have joined militant ranks.

“When mainstream leaders die, a mere 2000-2500 people participate in his funeral. However, 50000-100000 people participate in the funeral prayers of militants.”

He told the government: “You cannot rule at the barrel of gun.”


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