If LAHDC doesn’t own state flag, why to fly at half-mast, asks Er Rasheed


MLA Langate and independent lawmaker Er Rasheed on Wednesday asked the government to explain the logic behind the decision to declare a three-day state mourning over the demise of Dr Sonam Lonpo.

The spokesman while paying the homage to renowned Islamic Scholar and Social Leader Aga Syed Mohammed Fazlullah in Badgam, said that Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC) has insulted state flag by taking an extra-constitutional step with the full blessings of New Delhi and replaced the state flag with its own flag, adding that what is the fun to declare three day state mourning and announcing state flag will fly half-mast for three days as a mark of respect to Mr Lonpo.

We all express our sympathies with the family of deceased Leader but it is unacceptable that while LAHDC has never owned the state flag and always insulted it, the state government has announced three-day state mourning.

Rasheed said that declaring a holiday in the entire state carries no sense and it should have been restricted to Ladakh region only. There had been no precedence to observe three-day state mourning when any cabinet Minister dies even in office; as such breaking the tradition smells something fishy.

It seems that New Delhi is simply trying to dictate everything to Mehbooba Mufti government only for the reason it wants to even influence the psyche and the mindset of people of J & K to the extent that the unique identity of the state becomes irrelevant and loses significance.


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