KCCI expresses resentment over transferring land retrieved for factory to police housing colony


The President, KCC&I Mr Javid Ahmad Tenga on Wednesday has expressed resentment over the state for transferring industrial land retrieved from HMT Watch Factory, Zainakot to the Police Department for housing colony.

The spokesman said It may not be out of place to mention that the KCC&I had recommended that the chunk of land along with infrastructure created by erstwhile HMT for conversion into gem & Jewellery park. This proposal is pending since 2007, wherein besides Gem & Jewellery park we had advocated for a Gem & Jewellery Institute for which the Ministry of Commerce, GOI had agreed that once the land is transferred to J&K Government the proposal will be considered by the government of India.

It was also in the year 2009 for the same land an alternate proposal for a Textile Park was advocated wherein thousands of workers would have been employed in hundreds of small-scale units. The said proposal is still pending with Government of J&K.

We are at a loss with above-said textile park/ Gem & Jewellery in view the state government has chosen the land for Police Housing Colony instead of above parks.

We support the Industrial Estate, Zainakot unitholders as well as FCIK in their demand of reversal of the state Government order and our organisation will support any institution demanding of the recovery said land for the purpose of industrialisation.


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