“If State is Secular, Why can’t CM be From Jammu”

KL Report


Asking why Jammu and Kashmir cannot have a chief minister from Jammu, BJP on Sunday said the state is secular and any one from anywhere can become the head of the state.

“We all know that Jammu and Kashmir is a secular state and what is wrong if there is a chief minister from Jammu this time,” state secretary BJP Charanjeet Singh Khalsa told KNS.

Singh also showered praises upon the PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, terming him a mature politician with a fine sense of judgment.

While taking a dig at National Conference over offering support to PDP for the formation of the bon- BJP government, BJP said NC is doing ‘drama’ at the present subtle juncture of the state.

“It is nothing but a mere drama that the National Conference is asking PDP to join hands. They will never do it and I believe that Mufti Sayeed is a mature politician and can never be swayed away by such a mirage,” Singh said, adding that BJP will have a key role in the formation of the new government in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and very soon the breakthrough in this issue should  be expected.

Asking why the state cannot have the chief minister from Jammu, Singh said that Jammu and Kashmir is a secular state and upholds the principle of secularism.

He also took jibe’ at the former chief minister and senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, saying stern action must be initiated against Azad for undermining the democratic verdict of the people of the state.

“What was that grand alliance that Azad flouted. It is nothing but against the sentiments of the people of the state.  We believe that Azad should be held for undermining the principles of democracy and peoples’ voice,” Singh said.


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