Regional Parties, Congress Too, Can Form Non-BJP Govt: Shafi Uri

KL Report


The National Conference senior leader and newly elected Uri’s legislator, Mohammad Shafi Uri while proposing for a non- BJP government in Jammu and Kashmir Sunday said the regional parties along with the Congress can form a ‘stable’ government in the state.

Shafi Uri, the NC veteran told KNS that if the parties here want a non- BJP government, they can form an alliance while seeking support from the Congress for the same, if required. He added that there are various states in India which are ruled by the non- BJP dispensation.

“A larger apprehension that is being raised at present is the scarcity of the funds that the state would witness without taking BJP along in the formation of the government. I can tell you that it is absurd and an irrelevant remark. The funds that are being give to the state by the union government are not the charities. It is the right of every state given by them by the constitution of India. Whether there is BJP government or not, JK would continue to receive whatever is due,” Shafi Uri who has also served as Education Minister in the state said.

While commenting upon the emergence of BJP in the political spectrum of the state, the 71 year old NC veteran who recently won the assembly segment of Uri said that the the anger against Congress across India has benefitted the saffron party most as it provided an alternative political system for the people. “Across India, Congress’s image of corruption and mis-governance got enlarged and BJP benefitted from it. In JK, there was no Modi wave but since Congress had control in Jammu, hence BJP took it away from it. If there would have been a serious impact of BJP in JK, why it didn’t open its acont in Kashmir,” remarked Uri.

He maintained further that for the formation of the government, more time would be required as the fractured mandate accorded by the people to the political parties has created chaos. “As far as my political experience is concerned, I can say, it takes time for the formation of the new dispensation. It took time in Maharstra and Haryana wherein BJP had good numbers in its kitty. In JK, it is likely  that some more time is required.”


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