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Reiterating his appeal for complete shut down on June 25, Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Geelani said the proposed Prime Minister’s visit to Kashmir has added to miseries and police in its fresh arrest spree has detained hundreds of youth in South, North and Central Kashmir  and placed in police lockup.

While castigating administration, Geelani said that under the garb of providing security the war like situation has been created and whole state has been converted into a military garrison.

Geelani in his statement said that Prime Minister of India is morally bound to respond and answer that how long with their military might they would suppress the genuine voice and how long they’ll ignore reality.

In his direct address to Dr Singh, Geelani said,  “if he has some regard for human values then he should come out with an answer and explain   how does it make sense to make a young boy an orphan and under what provisions the innocent son of Shaheed Mohamad Afzal Guroo was restricted and deprived to have last glimpse of his father” and added why mortal remains of Mohammad Afzal Guroo were not returned.

Geelani asked Prime minister to come with an explanation if he believes in its democratic ideology and said that during last 150 years there were no threats from any section or quarter and added why for political gains, a simple religious tradition is being turned into military aggression and the lives of yatris exposed to danger.

Geelani asked  Dr Singh to restrict the period and number of yatris  as per the pattern of Gangotri and added if this is applicable in Gangotri , what is the reason that it is not  being applied here.

Terming the claims of India being a great democracy  an hoax , Geelani said,”why  did not  people of  state ever tasted the democracy or had a glimpse of it”  and added, “ why thousands of people are lodged in jails and what is the justification of house  detention of  leaders in their houses and why restrictions and  ban  has been imposed on political activities of freedom fighters?

After putting many questions, Geelani said that Dr  Singh cannot answer these questions and instead  as per routine ,after  closed door meeting with local administration ,  they would announce some package as a mark of  lip service and as routine they  would also  announce that everything is all right.

“Neither they would try to find the ways and means to resolve the issue nor they are in position to satisfy hurt sentiments and queries  of innocent Ghalib Afzal. Since last 65 years this tradition is being repeated and however, the ground situation remained unchanged” and added this futile exercise failed to suppress the passion and sprit of freedom.

Geelani strongly condemned the fresh arrest spree started by administration and added that initial reports pouring in from all quarters reveal  that more than 300 people were arrested and lodged in  different police stations.

Reiterating his appeal for shutdown call, Geelani said that it would convey a clear message to Manmohan Singh that entire Kashmir is against its military occupation and added that it would also covey that freedom struggle would continue till the issue is resolved as per aspirations of people of Jammu and Kashmir.


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