IFJ Remembers Tuffail And Others

KL Report


To commemorate the youth killed during 2010, mass uprising, International Forum for Justice (IFJ), a local human rights group started what it called “The week of martyrs” by a silent sit in on Tuesday. On June 11, 2010, Tuffail Matto, an eighth class student was killed after hit by a tear gas shell in the old town. After Tuffail’s killing, one after another 125 people, all almost youngster lost their lives.

IFJ, chairman, M Ahsan Antoo appeared in the press colony along with dozens of victims and staged a silent in. The protesters were demanding action against the police and forces cops who according to them are involved in the killings of “innocent civilians.”

“This is an irony that the police personnel and the officers who killed our loved ones are rooming freely,” said a protester whose son lost his life in June2010. “Where is the commission who was assigned to probe the killings?” he questioned.

Antoo alleged that the government is shielding the “killers”. “India is a signatory to the human rights charter of United Nations, which clearly says that every nation state is obligatory to save the lives and property of the people living there but we Kashmiris are being killed by the same India,” Antoo added.


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