IIT Bombay Offers Post Doc Fellowship To Young Kashmir Mathematician


SRINAGAR: Dr Azhar Yousuf, a young mathematician from Kashmir has been awarded a postdoctoral position by IIT Mumbai. Yousuf recently completed his PhD from the Department of Mathematics, South Campus, University of Kashmir, under the supervision of Dr Firdous A Shah.

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Azhar has been pursuing his research in the broad field of Harmonic Analysis and has a specialization in Wavelet Theory. His particular research interests encompass the Mathematical aspects of Signal Processing and as of now, the researcher has published more than twenty research articles in different journals of international repute.

At IIT Bombay, Azhar Yousuf will work with Professor Ajit Rajwade’s research team in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Professor Rajwade has a broad range of research interests in image processing, including image filtering, tomographic reconstruction (CT and Cryo-EM), and medical imaging (reconstruction in MRI, CT, Diffusion MRI, and HARDI).

They will both work together with Professor Vikram M. Gadre from the Department of Electrical Engineering who has expertise in Wavelet Theory with an emphasis on applications to different aspects of signal processing.

Dr Azhar has also co-authored Wavelet Transforms: Kith and Kin with his PhD supervisor, Dr Firdous A Shah. The book is published by Routledge-a British multinational publisher.

The book serves as an introduction to contemporary aspects of the theory of wavelets from a mathematical and signal-processing perspective. The distinguishing feature of the book is that it takes care of the erstwhile and subsequent developments in the context of the notion of wavelets.


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