Implementation of ‘Agenda of Alliance’ is PDP’s Concern: Akhtar

Muhammad Raafi



Naeem Akhtar
Naeem Akhtar

People’s Democratic Party Thursday in a tough message to the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), said it expects “concrete action” on the “agenda for governance” agreed upon last year, to continue an alliance in Jammu and Kashmir.

PDP-BJP coalition government ceases to exist in J&K after former CM Mufti Mohammad Sayeed died in AIIMS at New Delhi on January 07, 2016. His party, PDP, had cobbled an alliance with right wing Hindu nationalist, BJP in March 2015 after two months of intense deliberations.

The 2014 state legislative assembly elections had threw up a hung assembly with PDP emerging leader at 28 seats.

Naeem Akhtar, former Education Minister in late Mufti led cabinet and PDP senior member while speaking to New Delhi based NDTV said, “Agenda of Alliance was drafted… it has to be implemented.” “The party is reviewing how much of ‘the common vision of PM and late Mufti regarding J&K’ had been taken forward.” However, he added, “there has been no party deliberation on government formation, yet.”

Since last Saturday, 09 January 2016, J&K is under governor’s rule. Successor of her late father, and tipped to be next CM, Mehbooba Mufti had refused to take oath of office and secrecy as CM following Mufti’s demise.

State wide seven days mourning was announced which ended only yesterday.

“Ms Mufti, 58, has as yet not called any party meeting to discuss government formation. Her father had after weeks of hard negotiation last year entered into an alliance with ideological opponent BJP, based on Agenda of Alliance,” he said.

“It was agreed upon by the two parties to solve non-controversial things. There are many things which have not happened, which should have happened, like return of power projects; where are the smart cities; land under the use of armed forces; flood relief… there was an understanding (on such issues). We need to assess whether any forward movement happened on them or not,” Naeem further said. “And there is an internal dimension of J&K.”

Naeem said that ‘Agenda of Alliance’ is “sacred for us”. “It is not a scripture to be kept on shelf.” “Jammu and Kashmir is not running any Municipality and it is not between any two ordinary parties,” he added, “Mufti Sahab used to say that it is an alliance between North Pole and South Pole.”


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