Impossible to Mislead New Generation of Kashmir, says Shabir Shah

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Shabir Shah

Hurriyat Conference Jammu Kashmir senior leader and Democratic Freedom Party chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah was Friday arrested along with his associates, by a contingent of police at Kangan after he addressed a large public gathering there, a party statement said.

“During his speech, Shabir Ahmad Shah said that it is impossible for India to mislead the new generation of Kashmir, as they have awakened from the deep slumber,” the statement quoting Shah said.

“This is 21st century. Our youth are running a freedom movement against Indian illegal occupation. They are mature and smart to differentiate between right and wrong. India cannot mislead them for their petty gains,” Shah said.

“Kashmir is neither an internal matter of India nor any border issue between India and Pakistan, but an issue of future of 15 million people of Jammu and Kashmir,” the statement quoting Shah further said.

“This issue would have been resolved had not India been stubborn since these six decades. Since 1947, the people of Kashmir have been enduring the tyranny and oppression of India which has kept more than seven lakh forces here to suppress the voice of people demanding their birth right of freedom,” he said, adding, “we will continue our resistance movement till the issue is resolved.”

Shabir Shah while lashing out at India for adopting ‘double’ standards said, “on one hand, India is muzzling the voice of Kashmiris through military might and on the other, is misleading the world community by staging election dramas here with the assistance of its paid agents”.

“The whole valley has been turned into military base. Killings, arrests, torures and worst kind of human rights violations continue here and we make it clear that we will reject any activity that jeopardizes our ongoing freedom struggle; be it the so-called elections within the ambit of Indian Constitution or vice-versa,” Shah said.

Shah said those participating in so-called assembly elections are “open enemies of the nation, who openly disrespect the sacrifices of our martyrs, just for their petty gains”.

“We should reject such elements and refrain from voting them who killed and massacred our youth.”

Shabir Ahmad Shah said that freedom is our ultimate goal and India has to leave Kashmir as British left India. “We have to remain steadfast and continue our freedom struggle to take the mission of our martyrs to its logical conclusion,” Shah added.


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