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Gulzar Ahmad Bhat in police custody in Budgam
Gulzar Ahmad Bhat in police custody in Budgam

“If I had a gun I would shoot 1000 bullets into you,” reads a post on the facebook page of Gulzar Bhat, an imposter ‘Peer’ who was arrested last week for exploiting girls in his Shamsabad based ‘Fatimah-tul Zahra’ Institute. The institute was exclusively meant for women to ‘learn Islamic teachings’.

Bhat had created a page on facebook named, Reshi Alambrdar Syed Gulzar Shab, which is liked by more than 200 people and followed by many. The page was created in November 2011. These days the page is flooded with hate messages and abuses. People have used the page, which he once had created to increase his fan following, to take out their frustration and anger against him and his wrong doing.  

Besides, a video of Bhat in which he has been slapped and beaten up by the public has been uploaded on Youtube. “It seems his dream of becoming famous has come true, this video and news about him is getting viral on web,” says a viewer watching the video. 

Pertinently, police investigations are taking place. They are urging more witnesses and victims to come forward and record their statements against Bhat. Though, they claim they have ample evidences against him which can prove him guilty.

“He used to pay Rs1000-1500 to those girls who were in need of money. He also paid college fees to some students who were financially week,” Bashir Ahmad Dar, SDPO Khansahab, Budgam, said.

“Gulzar used to lure the girls by providing cell phones,” he added.

Police have issued two mobile numbers, 9858268026 and 9419437685 on which they can be contacted. So far, four victims have recorded their statements. The victims have been raped, their medical reports read.

Police have promised anonymity to the victims and their families.



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