Impunity Root of HRV, Repeal AFSPA: UN Rapporteur

KL Report


The Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) has welcomed the report given by the UN Rapporteur, Chrisof Heyns in which he has expressed solidarity with the victims of Human Rights Violation in Kashmir.

 As per the report submitted to human rights council dated April 26, 2013 UN Rapporteur has stated that ‘impunity is the central problem of Human Rights Violations’ and India should ‘repeal the AFSPA’.

 “Prompt ratification on international convention for the protection of All persons from enforced disappearances enacting the prevention of  torture bill and including its compliance with CAT , ensuring prompt registration of FIR’s”, reads the report.

Heyns has also opposed the rewarding of promotions and other rewards to the ‘security’ personals who are suspected in various incidents of human rights violation in Kashmir.

The report has also recommended for the practice of inviting United Nation special Procedures to continue, especially in the hot spots of human rights violations.

Chrisof Heyns was on an official visit to Indian in March 2012, during which he held consultations with the victims of human rights violation and their families, human rights activists, journalists and lawyers. The meeting was facilitated by Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) then.


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