In Jammu, Farooq Disapproves Hurting Religious Sentiments



Farooq in Jammu

Saying that Jammu and Kashmir was at the cross roads of its history in the wake of communal frenzy being encouraged by divisive forces, National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday called for unity and tolerance while disapproving of acts which hurt the religious sentiments of others.

“Great religion of Islam vehemently disapproves of hurting the religious sentiments of others,” Dr Abdullah said while addressing party functionaries at SK Bhavan in Jammu Tuesday morning, apprehending that provocative acts could jeopardise peace across the country and in the state.

Dr Abdullah squarely blamed the present dispensation for “promoting wedge between various regions and religions”, as it has terribly “lost credibility due to failure on all fronts”. In this context, he referred to manipulations being made to usurp Waqf and taking such measures which had potential of jeopardizing peace and tranquillity. He cautioned people against their machinations and tentacles to put the state on boil, saying they won’t be allowed to exploit sentiments of various segments of society for remaining glued to power. “Hate mongers have not space in the civilized society,” he declared.

The National Conference President expressed anguish over divisive forces getting space in the political landscape of the country and said the attempts of weakening the unity and amity would only help enemies, who want to disintegrate the nation. He lamented over attempts of creating wedge between various segments of society as part of vote politics and said this will prove detrimental to the overall interests of the country.

Referring to recent unfortunate incidents across the State, Dr Abdullah called for restraint saying caution needs to be observed while commenting over happenings as these could precipitate the fire rather than dousing it. He invoked the time tested unity demonstrated by Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs during horrendous days of 1947, by challenging elements inimical to glorious ethos of the State by fake guns,  and said there was never ever such a crucial need of emulating that great spirit as now.

“The sad happenings taking place across the State are furthering the agenda of those watching and encouraging every move aimed at weakening the State and the country”, he said, adding that National Conference will not hesitate in offering any sacrifice in preserving the amity and tranquillity. He eulogized the people of Jammu for showing way by opening their arms to the people in distress from time to time. He recalled how the people gave shelter to those who left the Valley in early 90s as also by discouraging communal elements who wanted to vitiate the atmosphere in 1989. He envisioned safe and honourable return of Kashmiri Pandits when situation becomes conducive in the Valley.

Emphasizing the need for friendly relations between India and Pakistan, Dr Abdullah called for isolating the fringe anti-peace elements who had developed vested interest in hostilities between the two countries. He said peace had to be given a chance and those working towards this end need not be discouraged.


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