In Katra, one-litre water sells at Rs 82.60; Legal Metrology books two hotels


Taking customers for a ride, a hotel in Jammu’s Katra belt was found selling a packaged drinking water at an excess cost of Rs 63.60.

Packed in a bottle of one litre with brand name Kinley, the hotel named Country Inn was found selling this to customers at the rate of Rs.82.60 against MRP of Rs.19 with the excess amount of Rs. 63.60.

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This surfaced when acting swiftly on the consumer complaint, a team of Legal Metrology Department under the supervision of Assistant Controller, LMD Reasi Kuldeep Raj inspected various Hotels and Restaurants in the town.

Drinking water apart, there were other violations as well.

“Shops inside the hotel Country Inn were also found selling packaged dry fruits and other items without mandatory declarations required under packaged Commodities Rules 2011. Other defective material was also seized by the Inspector LMD Reasi Vicky Sharma on the spot,” said officials part of the inspection team.

Later, the team also booked hotel ‘The White Vaishano Devi Katra’ for overcharging one litre Kinley water bottle at Rs 59 against the MRP of Rs. 19 thereby looting Rs. 40 extra from the consumers.

Notice for violation of various provisions of Jammu and Kashmir Legal Metrology Act and Packaged commodities Rules 2011 was served to the defaulters and the management of the hotels were directed to attend the office of the Assistant Controller Legal Metrology Reasi for further legal action warranted under rules.


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