In Protest Against NFSA, Locals of Border District ‘Seek Help from PaK’



In a unique protest against the implementation of the National Food Security Act (NFSA), locals of the border area Keran went closer to Line of Control (LoC) with platters, “seeking” ration from residents of Pakistan administrated Kashmir (PaK).

According to the KNS, men and women of the border area Keran came out of their homes on Monday with empty platters while raising anti-government slogans.

The locals assembling in groups started marching towards the Neelum – a river flowing in the middle of the control line. While reaching the river banks, the locals started shouting towards the other side of Kashmir.

With the locals from PaK reaching the river banks in tizzy, they heard people from Keran seeking ration from them. “The government has denied us the ration. Our children will starve to death. Please help us,” locals of Keran told the PaK residents.

Sensing that the situation is getting out of control, the army swung into action, asking the locals to vacate the river banks. Later, as per reports arm assured the locals that the issue would be resolved in near future.

When contacted, Sarpanch of the area, Abdul Kabir said that on Monday people went out of their homes to seek help from the residents of other Kashmir as the government here has pushed them towards the wall and has denied them ration under the new food act.


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