India And Germany Using Music To Mislead World Community: Gautam Navlakha

KL Report


Renowned Human Rights activist, Gautam Navlakha Tuesday claimed that India and Germany are organizing a musical concert in Kashmir Valley with an intention to give world community a message that ‘all is well in Kashmir.’

“Such types of concerts are being organized with a purpose. It is really sorry to state that India with the help of Germany is trying to mislead International community by making music a tool. Who can forget the atrocities and human rights violations done by India in Kashmir and how can this country now claim that all is well in Kashmir,” Navlakha told Srinagar based news gathering agency CNS adding that people of Kashmir in general have no interest in such type of concerts and they know the real designs of India.

Gautam Navlakha said that it is interesting to note that European Union, particularly Germany is showing too much interest in India. “Germany and European Union is eying on the Indian market and they want to invest here. It is a give and take. Germany would help India to improve its image on Kashmir globally while India would allow it to invest in its markets,” he said adding that music should not be made a tool to mislead people of the world.

Human Rights activist told CNS that Zubin Mehta is a great musician and we have great regard for him. “But he should understand that his musical concert would be presented other way. India would give an impression to the world community that everything is alright in Kashmir,” he said adding that the ulterior motives of Germany are evident and this country in league with India have organized this concert with a purpose.


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