‘India directly ruling Kashmir, Mehbooba working as a clerk’: Dukhtaran


General secretary of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Nahida Nasreen, on Thursday condemned the continuous detention of party chairperson, Aasiyeh Andrabi and her personal secretary, Sofi Fehmeeda.

In a statement issued here, Nasreen said that despite bail orders issued three days ago by the court, government hasn’t released the duo so far.

DeM secretary general Nahida Nasreen

“For the past 16 days, Baaji Sahiba and Sofi Fehmeeda have been kept under arrest at Rambagh Women’s Police station illegally. Ironically, despite producing the bail orders issued, the police are refusing to release them,” she said.

The rejection of court orders by the police clearly reflects how much courts are “respected” in Jammu and Kashmir, she said.

She said that Jammu and Kashmir has been literally turned into a police state directly controlled by the Indian government. “Mehbooba’s role has been reduced to that of a clerk,” she said.

The duo was booked under section 151 and 107 of RPC and since then the duo has been languishing in the Rambagh police station. Initially, they were kept in 3-day police remand which was later extended to May 8.

On Monday, without taking the duo to any court, this remand was extended for two more days.

Nasreen said that on May 9, the bail orders were submitted in the concerned police station but they were not released. “ When the family members asked the concerned SHO about the reason behind not releasing Baaji Sahiba and Fehmeeda despite court orders, the SHO refused to say anything,” she added.



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