India’s Existence Under Threat If Communal Divide Does Not Stop, Dr Abdullah


SRINAGAR: National Conference president Dr Farooq Abdullah Wednesday said that a storm has engulfed the entire Indian where communities are being divided and if the same won’t stop forthwith, the country won’t exist anymore.

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Dr Farooq Abdullah visited and interacted with the Sikh community during the mourning of slain teacher Supinder Kour on October 13, 2021. KL Image: Bilal Bahadur

Talking to reporters after visiting the slain school principal Supinder Kour at Aloochibagh here, Dr Farooq said that it’s a storm that has gripped entire India. “Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus are being divided across the country. If this won’t stop forthwith, India won’t exist,” the NC leader and five-time Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir told reporters after speaking to the Sikh gathering, assembled to offer special prayers to Supinder Kour.

On Kour’s killing, Dr Farooq said that Muslims, Sikhs and Pandits have to be united and face the killers together. “We have to fight the enemies unitedly and don’t need to be afraid of them,” he said. He said Kour’s murder was killing humanity.

Dr Abdullah said the people have to fight the onslaught together. “We have to fight these beasts. This (Kashmir) will never become Pakistan, remember it,” he said. “We are a part of India and we will remain a part of India come what may. They cannot change it even if they shoot me.” He said Sikhs are a community that never left Kashmir and decided to live and die in their homeland.

Asked about former NC leaders Devender Singh Rana and Surjeet Singh Salathia leaving the party, Dr Farooq said, “In politics, leaders leaving parties happen. This isn’t anything new.”


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