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Stating that the individual opinions in Hurriyat Conference (M) cannot override the collective decisions of the amalgam, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, chairman of the Hurriyat (M) Sunday asked all the constituent parties to respect the Hurriyat constitution.

In a statement issued to KNS, Mirwaiz said that Hurriyat was a forum where everybody’s opinion is being heard and respected, however individual opinions cannot override the  collective thought and decisions of the forum. He has further emphasized that the constitution of the Hurriyat is to be respected and followed by all the constituents.

According to the statement, in a bid to highlight the message and teachings of Prophet Muhammad  (SAW) public, Huriyat Conference (M) Sunday organized a gathering titled “Youm-e-Rehmatul-Almeen (SAW)” at amalgam’s headquarters at Rajbagh.

The function was chaired  by Huriyat (M) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq while senior hurriyat leaders including Professor  Abdul Gani Bhat, Moulana Abbas Ansari, Moulana MS Shamas, Musadiq Adil, Abdul majid Banday, Advocate Shahid-ul-Islam, GN Zaki, Javaid Ahamd Mir, Hakim Abdul Rashid, Gn Nagoo, Hilal Ahmad War and others were also present on the occasion. Noted Naat narrator, Ghulam Hassan Gamgeen and senior hurriyat leaders Zaffar Akbar Bhat also paid tributes to Prophet Muhamamd (SAW) (PBUH).

Speaking over the occasion, senior leader Moulana Abbas Ansari said that Prophet Muhamamd (SAW) (PBUH) extricated humans from the darkness towards the light of Islam. He said till then Arabs were going through the era of jahiliya (ignorance).

Prof Abdul Gani Bhat in his speech threw light on Quran and hadith. He said the Prophet Muhamamd (SAW) (PBUH) is the role model for mankind and would continue to do so till the last day of judgement.

In his inaugural address, Mirwaiz while paying glorious tributes to the Prophet Muhamamd (SAW) (PBUH) said that he brought the word of God to mankind. He said the path shown by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) (PBUH) was righteous not only for the welfare of Muslims but for the entire mankind.

He said Quran was the book of Allah brought by his messenger Prophet Muhammad (SAW) (PBUH) to the world, adding, the book contains the fundamentals of life. Mirwaiz said Quran is the most read book in the world and countless researches have been carried out so far over the sacred texts send my Allah to Muslims. He said it was highly unfortunate that Muslims were least implementing the words of Allah practically in their lives. He said there was a need to understand the message of Quran in real sense.

Quoting some Western Authors, Mirwaiz said not only muslim but even non muslim thinkers and scholars have described Prophet Muhamamd (SAW) (PBUH) as a great leader of the world by virtue of his teachings, personality and character.

Mirwaiz said there is no house in Kashmir which has not suffered during past 25 years of conflict, adding, however, going through such traumatic experience people should have come closer to Allah rather than going away from HIS teachings which is presently happening in Kashmir. He said the tide of materialism and distance from religion was creeping deeper into the society and that was the main cause of our social and moral degradation.

He said Kashmiri struggle towards future building would not succeed till the nation would not bring discipline on religious social, behavioral and  fronts. Expressing concern over the growing immorality taking root in the Kashmiri society, mirwaiz appealed to the parents to play a constructive role and install good values in their children


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