Indo-Pak animosity should end: NC

KL Report


Welcoming the diplomatic efforts of India and Pakistan leadership for starting the fresh round of talks to solve all the long pending issues, the National Conference (NC) Saturday said time is ripe that the neighbours should end the hostility in the region.

“As the talks between the neighbours are necessary to end the stalemate, we believe the dialogue shouldn’t be reduced to merely a tea- photo session between the leadership,” NC General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar said while addressing gathering of workers from Kashmir region at the party headquarters.

“In the past many such dialogues have taken place, it was decided to solve all long pending issues and even the claims of having made a forward movement over many critical issues was made but a small incident in either countries punctured all those dialogue efforts,” Sagar said and continued “We hope that this time, with full seriousness, both the countries will take this initiative forward and to a next level.”

He said people across the region have a strong yearning for peace and progress which can be bought only through dialogue.

“The hostility between India and Pakistan should be removed and both the countries should sit across the dialogue table and resolve their differences,” he said.

He said Kashmiris are the worst sufferers of the hostility between India Pakistan which is continuing since many decades now and the leadership of both the countries should show empathy towards Kashmiris.

“Both the countries need to understand that we are the basic sufferers of the conflict between the two neighbours and any attempt made by the two to end hostility will be warmly welcomed the National Conference which has been calling for the resolution of all long pending issues,” he added.

The senior NC leader said both the countries have fought four wars in the past but wars have yielded nothing so far and now peace should be given a chance.

“Lingering the Kashmir issue further has had a very bad impact on the state and the people of the subcontinent have also to face the brunt of this issue, which is unfortunate,” he said.

“The people of Jammu and Kashmir have to bear the brunt of any aggression between Delhi and Islamabad and it’s the need of hour that the two countries should display political wisdom by making efforts to resolve all outstanding issues,” he maintained.

“The two countries should resume the stalled dialogue process for resolving the issues. Unarmed civilians have borne the brunt of the hostilities between India and Pakistan, which should stop,” Sagar added.


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