Islamabad residents hold candlelight vigil in solidarity with Pakistan’s Zainab

Umar Khurshid

Srinagar: Residents of the Lalchowk town of Islamabad on Monday evening held an hour-long candlelight vigil in solidarity with the Pakistans seven-year-old rape victim Zainab Ansari, who body was recovered from a garbage in Kasur, Pakistan last week, four days after she was reported missing.

Residents holding candles at Lalchowk point Islamabad, photo by Asif Shafi

The girl, Zainab Ansari, disappeared last week while going to a nearby home for Quranic studies and her body was found in a waste-yard after four days in her native place Kasur area of Pakistan.

Braving the winters evening cold of Kashmir, a small clutch of men, women and children gathered at Lalchowk point of Islamabad holding placards — some of which were read  “Justice for Zainab, Justice for all rape victims, If Zainab was your sister, Justice for Humanity, death penalty is not enough death is the only solution.” the residents urged every passerby to join in the vigil for an issue that affects all of the womankind.

Residents holding placards at Lalchowk point Islamabad, photo by Asif Shafi

The protests are being closely followed in all over Pakistan and now in Kashmir, not just on the social media but also in the news media.

Besides routine reportage, several newspapers have carried editorials and used the case to draw attention to violence against women all over the world.

New gatherer Reuters has reported that the chief minister of Punjab province of Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif has also visited Zainab’s parents to assure them that the perpetrators would be apprehended soon. “(Sharif) has announced Rs 10 million ($90,000) for anyone giving information about the kidnapper.”

An elderly man holding placard at Lalchowk Point Islamabad, photo by Asif Shafi

However, massive protests erupted between the people and government forces of Pakistan over the Zainab’s murder, especially in Kaur area of Pakistan on last week.

The post-mortem report of the child confirmed suspicions that she was raped before being murdered. The brutal murder of the girl, the 12th such case to occur within a two-kilometre radius of the Kasur city of Pakistan over the last year, ignited a wellspring of anger among the city’s residents,” media outlet The Dawn reported.

The minor girl was laid to rest in a graveyard in Kasur after her parents arrived from Saudi Arabia.


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