Issuing State Subjects to School Children a Big Conspiracy: Er Rashid

KL Report


Er Rashid

MLA Langate Er Rashid Saturday castigated State Govt’s decision of providing State Subject certificates to Children in Schools by terming it a ploy to “destroy aboriginality” and genuine interests of people of Kashmir.

“When State Subject Certificates will be distributed via schools,” he said, “it actually entails providing State Subject certificates to children of refugees and tenants as school authorities cannot discriminate among children.”

How can school management verify about the particulars of every student when they don’t have any revenue record and other relevant documents available with them, he asked.

“Government must explain the fun and objective behind the idea,” he demanded.

One has every reason to believe, he said, that the decision is to ensure that the children of West Pakistani Refugees and those of thousands of non-state subjects residing in different parts of the state especially Jammu to get the citizenship right.

“Government should not forget that there are thousands of school children hailing from different parts of the country studying in Jammu and Srinagar Cities, as their parents are either working here as labourers or doing some other business,” he said.

“The proposal seems to be a well thought plan drafted in Nagpur and approved in South Block. Natives are being turned into refugees by PDP-BJP Government while as refugees are being turned into natives which sums up the sorry state of affairs.”

Er Rashid also condemned the statement of RSS leader Anderesh Kumar who has threatened those who talk of Kashmir resolution, to be sent to Pakistan and said, “Kashmiris don’t need permission from fascist and non Kashmiri communal forces as Kashmir belongs to every single Kashmiri what so ever his political ideology may be.”


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