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“There is no ideological tussle between BJP and PDP over Article 370 and AFSPA, but both of these parties are power hungry and the real brawl between them is about the CM’s Chair,” said Additional General Secretary National Conference, Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal on Friday.

According to a party statement, Dr Mustafa Kamal while lashing out at BJP and PDP for playing pity politics about government formation said that the delay in forming the government has added to the miseries of the flood ravaged people of the state.

He said, “The delay in forming the government in the state has added to the woes of the general masses. The so-called tussle between BJP and PDP over ideological issues is not about Article 370 or AFSPA but both of these power hungry parties are fighting for CM’s chair and other important cabinet portfolios.”

“With the help of the statements, PDP issues in media, they are trying to give an impression to the people that they are fighting with BJP over Article 370 and AFSPA which is in reality is farce and gross lie,” Kamal added.

He said the PDP founder Mufti Sayeed is a power hungry politician by nature and it was Mufti Sayeed who with the help of Union government plunged this heavenly valley into a disaster in 1989.

“Mufti and power are synonymous; remaining in power is oxygen for him, he can’t live without it. It was he who just for the sake of a cabinet berth in central government waged a war against the defenceless people of Kashmir and unleashed unspeakable tyranny and oppression on the people,” Kamal said.

Appealing the divisional administration particularity Chief Secretary, Divisional Commissioner Kashmir and the DDC’s concerned to solve issues of flood victims on priority basis; Kamal asked them to work tirelessly for the rehabilitation of the flood victims, hundreds of whom are still homeless today, in this bone-chilling cold, the statement said.

Kamal said rehabilitation of the flood victims has been prioritised by the National Conference only and all other parties are doing nothing then offering lip-service to the victims, which is akin to rubbing salt on their wounds of the flood victims.

“It is very unfortunate that the central government has upheld the Rs 44,000 Crore package as asked by the state government for the rehabilitation of the flood victims,” Kamal said.


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