Jama’at warns of ‘Public Anger’ if ‘Anti-People’ Policies not Stopped



Kashmiri migrant Pandits have every right to settle here but “any separate colonies” for them is “not” at all acceptable for the people including the Pandit fraternity, state’s largest religo-socio-politico party, Jama’at-e-Islami (JeI) said on Thursday.

“Such type of colonies have every probability to cause damage to the communal harmony and adversely affect the interests of the majority population. These colonies can also be turned into conspiratorial centers against the Muslim majority,” JeI said in a statement this evening.

“On one hand, the people holding the reigns here assure that no such proposal is at hand but secretly large plots of land for establishing such colonies have been determined at various places as per the reports published in various local dailies. Such reports have caused great panic among the public and the deceptive tactics of the government are condemned by and large,” the JeI statement added.

The JeI statement further said that the “disclosure” of Industries Minister in the local assembly is “sufficient proof against the government playing various dubious methods against public”.

“Another example of such method is arranging a secret Kumbh Mela at Shadipora Ganderbal bringing thousands of Hindus from outside the valley under a well-thought design,” the statement said, “Such official tactics prove that the local government is under total grip of RSS which is hell bent upon erasing the Muslim identity of the state and implementing the Hindu ideology and culture by dent of force in this Muslim majority state.”

“Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir cautions the local government against these anti-people activities and impresses to desist from implementing these unacceptable plans otherwise it will have to face the public wrath and furore for which it will be solely responsible,” the statement said.


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