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Jama’at-e-Islami (JeI) Jammu and Kashmir Sunday demanded an impartial probe against “those criminals who have let loose a reign of terror against Kashmiri students studying outside J&K”.

“The students belonging to Kashmir are being targeted in different educational institutions of India after India lost its cricket match against West Indies particularly in the Swami Vivekananda Engineering and Technology University Chandigarh with the result that a number of the students left the campus for safety purposes and others staying there in the hostels apprehend physical and mental assault at any time,” JeI spokesperson said in a statement this afternoon.

“Some of the students have been physically assaulted in presence of the university authorities but they failed to protect the victims of highhandedness of the communalist elements associated and patronized by the communalist Hindutva forces who are bent upon spreading havoc in the name of so called nationalism to save it from being dethroned by the vast public resentment they have been facing throughout India,” the spokesperson alleged.

“The female students are the main target of these vicious groups of people and it is reported by reliable sources that Kashmiri girl students have even faced sexual harassment at the hands of these goondas which has caused a great concern for parents of these students in Kashmir,” the JeI spokesperson, Zahid Ali, alleged.

“Jama’at while vehemently condemning this religious based unruly attitude of the communal elements denounces the indifferent attitude of the university authorities towards the security and well-being of the Kashmiri Muslim students reading in different educational institutions of India and demands an impartial probe against these criminals who have let loose a reign of terror in the name of so-called nationalism in order to achieve their nefarious designs and communal agenda,” the spokesperson said.


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