Jammu Attacks Looks Deliberately Timed To Sabotage Indo-Pak Peace Talks: Mufti

KL Report


Condemning the attack on police station and Army camp in Jammu Thursday, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed said that the attack looks deliberately timed to sabotage the scheduled meeting between Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and its Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharief.

Addressing a one day convention of party office bearers of Kashmir province Mufti said that such incidents have in the past proved hurdle in carrying forward the peace process that was started in 2003 to a considerable relief for the people of Jammu & Kashmir.

He said violence has only complicated the Kashmir issue and such insane attacks need to be stopped in the interest of the state.

“Whatever the motives of the attackers and their masterminds would be, its brunt is ultimately borne by the people of Jammu & Kashmir”. Mufti said adding  that it was heartening to see the two leaders rise above the serious event and not be provoked to cancel the meeting. He said the attackers had put the statesmanship qualities of the two prime ministers to a severe test but uninterruptible continuation of talks would be the best responses to elements that have made sabotaging of peace process their mission.

Expressing hope that the talks between India and Pakistan  would send a strong message to everybody that the peace process would be revived irrespective of such grave incidents and would not be allowed to become a hostage to events triggered by hawkish and inimical forces.

The former Chief Minister of J&K  while expressing deep concern at what he calls  ‘worsening security situation in the state’, said the killings by the unknown gunmen and government forces have once again created an environment of fear. Instead of engaging them constructively the government treats youth of the state as its enemy and tackles them only with force, arrests and restrictions, said Mufti.

While  condemning  the  imposition of continuous Curfew in Shopian, Mufti said it has been the style of this government to indulge in atrocities, kill people as in shopian and other places before that and then punish those who demand justice.

Mufti also asked the PDP workers to take parliament elections more seriously than has been done in the past which resulted in the victory of NC

“Even though the NC has four MP’s in the parliament who could have wielded considerable influence in the present balance of power at the centre but the party has never achieved anything for the state except sharing power and enjoying its luxuries in the state and at the centre” said Mufti.


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