‘Jammu Women Making Inroads in Entrepreneurship’



EDI Jammu

Women in Jammu are daring to enter a seemingly “daunting task of running” entrepreneurial ventures and JKEDI has been receiving an encouraging response from such enthusiastic females from Jammu – the winter capital of the State, the EDI Srinagar said in its statement Saturday evening.

“In a fresh batch of 47 aspiring entrepreneurs including 11 females that passed out from JKEDI Jammu today after completing the three-week training programme, there were women who opted for manufacturing sector, and are ready to take entrepreneurship as their career. Other trained candidates have chosen services and agri-allied sectors as their lines of activity but women seemed to do something uncommon,” the statement said.

The participants were trained at Jammu campus of Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI) under Seed Capital Fund Scheme (SCFS) and Youth Start-up Loan Scheme (YSLS) being implemented by the institute. “Under SCFS and YSLS the unemployed educated first generation entrepreneurs are provided financial as well as non-financial support for start-ups,” the statement said. “The participants were exposed to a comprehensive training course, Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) including industrial field visits.”

On the valedictory function the participants were enthusiastic to start their entrepreneurial ventures. Rajeshwar, one of the aspiring entrepreneurs with 10 years’ experience in the corporate sector said, “I joined JKEDI with 30 per cent motivation but now with such comprehensive training I am eager to start my business venture.”

Another young entrepreneurship enthusiast Aashish Gupta hopes the EDP “will help participants throughout the circle of life and he requested for continuous support by the institute after establishment of the business”.

“The unemployed youth, who are all set to start their own business ventures now, were exposed to a comprehensive training course, Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) to equip them with what they need to start a profitable business,” the statement further said.

The trained aspirants will also get financial linkage from JKEDI to start their entrepreneurial ventures.


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